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Re: you guys are confused

tko wrote:

Great cameras = people out taking photos = not much forum activity

cameras with problems = people complaining = lots of forum activity

cameras with problems vs cameras w/no problems = lots of jealously and comparisons

Nice try though. The Canon 5dIII is probably the greatest camera made so far. Just about perfect. I guess I'm more active taking photos and entering contests than complaining about a camera I love.

How about you guys?

Jere Landis wrote:

I shot Canon for years and still use a Canon DSLR sometimes. I went over the the Canon forum I used to frequent a lot, guess what, the activity there is not near what it is here. Why do you think that is the case.

I agree... having IS on every single lens I put on my camera is a big problem for me.

Having a faster flash sync than your 3k+ camera is also a big problem that I have.

Having the ability to mount your canon lenses on my camera and getting superior IS, while you don't get IS at all on many of those lenses, is a big problem for me.

Having the ability to view real time exposure in the viewfinder is a big problem for me also.

Having the preview and x14 zoom in the EVF is also a big problem for me.

Not having to chimp, is a big problem for me, seeing as I can quickly review images in the EVF.

These problems hurt me so much, I have to boast about them.

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