Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Cancelled my E-M1 order

dahod wrote:

I got caught up in the hype around the E-M1 - what wasn't to like? - generally favourable reviews, new lenses on the horizon, ability to use my old 4/3 lenses, commitment to m4/3 by Olympus as its future etc etc. At last - Olympus breaks their silence and the world is good.

I read the interview with Mr. Terada ( however, and it left me with a less than warm and fuzzy feeling. I could be reading it wrong and I apologize if I am but my take from it was




Hi Dave,

Seems to be that you have difficulties in getting your facts right before placing and cancelling orders.

Have you had a look at the latest weather report to see how that might affect your decision?

Honestly, people are growing older on average not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world. Most photograhy enthusiasts are much less enthusiastic in schlepping a full load of full frame gear. While I currently use a Nikon D800 for the most of it, I pretty well know what I am talking about.

This was one of the reasons I kept all my FT lenses with the E-5: To have a full-fledged set of gear available that will not break my back.

The E-M1 seems to be a perfect solution for this:

- AF-issues with FT glas resolved in the way I expected it.

- Less weight than the E-5.

- On-eye-AF feature for low DOF-shots that you will not find with the competition (and I have used the D800 AFS 85 1.8 G and the E-M5 45 1.8 side by side to see the difference this makes).

- Fantastic IBIS system most of the competition does not offer that benefits all lenses regardless how old they are.

- No more difference in image quality at least compared to APS-C DSLR.

- etc.

The German magazine Fotomagazin just concluded giving it a "Super" verdict it hardly ever does for cameras.

So, what about your order?

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