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Selective? Straightforward reading fail on you

boggis the cat wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

Here, from the past, an official Olympus press release:

"4/3-Inch Image Sensor Size

The Four Thirds System uses a 4/3-type CCD or other image sensor, and will facilitate the development of dedicated digital camera lens systems that maximizes the image sensor performance to ensure outstanding image quality while also being smaller than 35 mm film SLR camera lens systems."

(emphasis mine). This was one of the Unique Selling Propositions.

You need to understand that the second part you emphasise goes with the first part: "... maximizes the image sensor performance to ensure outstanding image quality while also being smaller than 35 mm film SLR camera lens systems."

I understand that. What you seem to fail to grasp is that it is indeed a valid USP. Yes it goes with the former, but it is PART of it.  It is RIGHT THERE.  I can't believe you are missing it from what seems to be a rather stubborn attitude to simply admit "I was wrong."


The major benefit of Four Thirds System is that it will allow the design of dedicated, high-performance digital camera lens systems that are more compact than their 35 mm film SLR camera lens counterparts. The impact of the more compact lens size will be especially marked on telephoto lenses"

(emphasis mine).

Again, look at the entire sentence.

I did and I do.  It is RIGHT THERE that it is talking about high performance *AND* size. Size is a *key part* of it.  It is *RIGHT THERE*.   The brick is hitting you in the face and you are still missing it.


This is a 2001 OLYMPUS (joint with Kodak) Press release announcing the 4/3rds system.

Size size size. They lost the plot with the SHG and E-3.

No, they didn't. The SHG lenses are smaller than equivalent EFL lenses on 135 (much smaller) and also a stop faster.

Not so.

This provides an option for people who want a system that can yield a different size to performance ratio -- an optimisation based on designing an entirely new system.

Not the SHG zooms.

Notice how they are *NOT* doing F2.0 zoom lenses with m4/3rds.

The 'PRO' line so far has two constant f/2.8 lenses. Smaller than equivalent EFL lenses for 135 and APS-C, and it appears that they will perform better as well.

Yes, but that's not what I said (in fact you mentioning they are smaller in m4/3rds proves my point about size being important) - I said they are NOT doing F2.0 zoom lenses with m4/3rds.  I don't know why you decided to argue it. You just repeated and re-asserted the fact they have not.

Olympus could always release a "TOP PRO" line later if they believe it is required (smaller and cheaper than SHG, given reliance on software correction and technical advances made in the interim), but in the meantime the existing f/2 SHG zooms can be used.

Actually what Olympus is saying so far is that the new Pro line "is it."

It is interesting that Sigma have started producing f/1.8 zooms for APS-C and Fufifilm are making fast zooms for their "X" system. Would you argue that this is a mistake?

What FuiFilm X system zoom is F2.8 or F2.0 constant? Oh, not a single one.  Sigma made a move that nobody else has done, and it has a limited zoom range. But this is not about Sigma or Fuji- they can bring whatever they want. It's about Olympus and what I said on their size as part of their unique selling proposition.  Don't confuse things, these are completely separate points.

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