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Re: No, it never was

boggis the cat wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

Macx wrote:

In the 500- and 400-series Olympus had a much easier sell in that here was a palpable advantage for the user from using a smaller sensor: A smaller camera. I think Olympus is right in thinking that the "full size" lenses and cameras was a disadvantage to them in the marketplace.

Yes, and they desperately need a full-featured body to play in this class now. With their range of small lenses, it could compete very well with the D5200, giving consumers a true choice that should go Olympus' way on convenience alone.

I don't expect any more DSLRs from Olympus.

That's what I was saying, or trying to, since apparently it didn't come across: Olympus has long needed a full-featured consumer grade mFT body, and now such a camera, if they produce it, will likely benefit from any of the features and improvements in the E-M1. That's SOP for Olympus.  And, yes, Olympus is done with DSLR's, no argument there.

What will happen, however, is that the E-M1 sensor will be 'inherited' by low-priced MicroFT bodies, so you could buy an E-PLx or E-PMx in future to use with any old SG lenses you have.

Yes, but that's not what many want.  Those in the D5200 price range (and formerly E-xxx price range) want a full-featured mFT body done the Olympus way (i.e., Olympus colors and not an oversized Panny body).

That's not saying that nobody wanted that size lenses and bodies for 4:3. That would be demonstrably false, but I think the direction Olympus is going with their micro four-thirds is the right one: You can go tiny, and you can go larger, and the E-M1 with grip is still a substantial camera even if it's still smaller than a lot of DSLRs. I definitely see it as a spiritual successor to the E-1 that I fell in love with. It lacks the OVF, but the EVF has its clear advantages too.

I see it more as the E-xxx on steroids that many of us were asking for back in the day of 4/3's. As others have pointed out, the E-M1 is almost identical to the E-620 in height, width and weight, but adds in weathersealing, a modern sensor, the E-510 grip for larger lenses and finally access to some great compact primes. In many ways a perfect camera provided you're willing to pay the premium (which I feel is $200 too high, but whatever).

It is way higher specified across the board. The only similarity is the size and weight, and even then the E-M1 has a more substantive grip.

What I was saying is a body of that size but with all current advancements, i.e., the "on steroids" and "perfect camera" statements.  This would of course now be an mFT.

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