Why are so few lenses bought per DSLR? (Motivation of two polls)

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Re: Slow down.

But why restrict this to DSLRs? After all, your real interest is whether people multiple lenses for ILCs. They don't have to be SLRs. Or is it that the m4/3rds gang would skew the numbers because they can carry more lenses around? Hmm, perhaps it would be an idea to have APS-C ILC (not DSLRs obviously) and m4/3 ILC polls.

Does it just come down to weight and price?! After all, APS-C/FF lenses are way bigger and heavier than m4/3 lenses, and typically substantially more expensive too. (I'm a Fuji user.)

Hmm, you've given me thoughts.

Incidentally, my experience differs from yours in that I believe lenses age more quickly than bodies. I've been through 3 lenses on my single SLR...

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