DSLR users: how many lenses per camera do you CURRENTLY have AVAILABLE TO USE?

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Re: DSLR users: how many lenses per camera do you CURRENTLY have AVAILABLE TO USE?

I (now) have 2 DX lenses now and 6 FX equiv lenses but they are all the older ones ie AF-D.

In the past - I have sold a no. of my lenses.  18-200mm Nikon and 18-70mm Nikon and a crap Tamron 28-105 2.8 that was practically given to me with a used dSLR (D2h), I have also sold that too don't do sports etc.  I am more practical.  Sell it if I don't use it and I can earn interest too with it @5% now where I am.  The more stuff I have the more space it takes and more chance of breaking down and more time I need to manage / clean / and think about them before I choose my lenses to use.

I have thought about selling my remaining 2x DX - Sigma 10-20 and Nikon 35 but haven't.  Theory is I have a D600 anyway right.  All the above pros - money in bank, less space take up, earns interest, streamline my setup, less thinking about / clean / les stuff that may break down.

I think that many people may only need 3x zooms and don't need to think of primes.

For me.  If I ignore DX.  I have a wide zoom for scapes slow aperture, a old 35-70 2.8 b/c I am cheap this is for my family and friends but I have found out it is not wide enough for groups but anyhoo least I don't do it enough, maybe in the future I can pick up a used 24-70 might as well get that over the 28-70 once a newer one is released.  I mean I doubt we would get a 22-70 but hey who knows.  I also have a 80-200 slow aperture b/c I shoot scapes on tripod etc.  And Galen Rowell have used it, not the best but good enough.  I then have a 50 and a 85 both 1.8 and a recent Tamron macro.  Each time I would only take 2 lenses out with me.  Holiday overseas a wide zoom and a fast prime.  Make do.  Than be unhappy with my load.  I thought about a 180 2.8 but I am not sure if I would use that much, if I I was travelling the country here with a car I may just use a wide zoom and a tele zoom and do the scapes on a tripod which is mainly what I shoot anyway.  The primes are just to supplement a zoom on travel low light and to travel light.  For reasons I don't want to own a 2.8 wide zoom even if it is better.

But I am looking at getting into medium format film anyway b/c I shoot few images and always on a tripod and slide film just look amazing without the Photoshop.  I am quite happy to think and think and decide on 12 frames per day, I usually shoot 50 per day on digital or half that with a 35mm film camera.  I can then use my 2 or 3 primes that I will ever own and that's it.  To me it's just a hobby - either I print the few or I would leave on my computer, send them to Facebook or Flickr, if I lose the shot doesn't really matter, it's a hobby enjoyment.  With my Nikon lenses so far - I have probably spent no more than $1200US on them.  Ex. the DX.  Hate to think how much the new range could cost, just the 24-70 new cost $1900, wow.

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