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Re: Interesting point

Its busy because m43 attracts people like me who don't think FF digital is 'the answer'.

Over the years (40years) I've mostly used the OM system and still have 6 bodies and 11 lenses for it. I do shoot B&W film sometimes.

In the past 10 years I've been looking for a digital equivalent, and have tried a lot of systems, buying and selling used so with no loss. My take

Canon - never liked the ergonomics or the glass quality

Nikon - great sensors, top glass is good, but its just too big! I dont want to have to carry a rucksack round for my gear all day.....(I used to have a D3 and 3 primes) Nikon DX is a compromise and makes no sense whatsoever shoe-horned into a full size body. Will eventually go the way of APS film...

4:3 - No primes and no real size advantage for the small sensor. System needs very fast sharp primes to make sense and allow for DOF and noise difference to FF.

Leica FF rangefinder. RF limits practical use to 28-90mm, but wonderful glass. Sensor technology is 'years' behind Nikon. I have an M Monochrom though which is unique. Different kind of photography. Mega expensive.

Olympus m43 OMD (btw I just don't 'get' Panasonic ergonomics). Small fast primes approaching Leica quality, sensors improving. Cutting edge and rapidy improving EVF with all those advantages. Yes, this is the innovative part of digital. Lots to look forward to.

So I use OM film, Leica RF and the OMD EM-5 each with some good lenses and choose the tool for the job.

OMD. Travelling, places I want a small AF camera (gigs) my take anywhere system.

Leica Monochrom. Street photography, especially at night, and serious B&W when I want the tonal range of the M.

OM film. Fun, nostalgia and when I want to use the 16,18 or 21mm lenses.

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