DSLR users: how many lenses per camera have you BOUGHT?

Started Sep 29, 2013 | Polls thread
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DSLR users: how many lenses per camera have you BOUGHT?

DSLR USERS ONLY, please (because I suspect that the answers will differ between formats). Other people are welcome to set up similar/identical polls for other formats.

How many lenses per camera have you bought since going digital?

How to calculate this number:

a = the number of lenses (that can be used on a DSLR) that you bought new at the time that, or since, you purchased your first DSLR. This should only include new (not second-hand) lenses, but should include (new) lenses that are bought to replace broken/stolen lenses (even when replacing an identical lens)

b = the number of DSLRs you have bought

Calculate x = a/b. x is the number to enter in the poll

e.g. for me, a = 8 (including an identical replacement for a stolen lens), b = 5, so x = 1.6, and I chose the poll option ‘>1 – 2’

I have also posted a poll about how many lenses/camera you currently have available to use. It would be nice if you would also complete the other poll, if you have not already done so.

For more explanation of the two polls, see the thread “Why are so few lenses bought per DSLR?”

1.7% 1  vote
3.4% 2  votes
>1 to 2
12.1% 7  votes
>2 to 5
58.6% 34  votes
>5 to 10
13.8% 8  votes
>10 to 20
10.3% 6  votes
0.0% 0  votes
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