Can highlights be recovered on AVCHD?

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Re: Can highlights be recovered on AVCHD?

You can also download a program called Davinchi Resolve, by Black Magic Design, you get it free when you by most of there cameras, google it, they have a 30 day non-crippled trial version. It's pretty powerful. nice interface.

Anyhow, Here is what I do with my GH3 when I shoot video that has intense lighting. I change the meter to spot meter, take a couple of reads from the strongest highlights, then use the shutter priority mode and set the shutter to double the frame rate and adjust the exposure by the ISO, and aperture so you can get a controlled highlight exposure, and still keep the proper shutter speed according to your frame rate used. If you wind up using wide open  f-stops, f2.8 or more then be mindful of the focus, it gets a lot more critical with the shorter DOF.

I'ts always better to underexpose than over, the general rule on overexposure is, 1 to 1-1/2 stops is about the Max that you might be able to pull back detail and salvage it. I'm an old man that shot a lot of film, and it was the same thing in regards to exposure then as it is now. Digital is even more prone to blowing out highlights, You can recoup up to 2.5 stops of under exposure, of course depending on the image being shot.

Hope this helps you. Give Resolve a try.


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