Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

Do you not see that A mount could be the upgrade path from E mount.
Someone buys an E mount NEX styled camera. Starts to get more demanding and buys A mount lenses with adapter for more reach or wider apertures.
Goes to FF E mount which at the moment has no native E mount lenses, so has to be A mount lenses.
Or the go to native A mount body as they have A mount lenses and wants the DSLR styled body.
There are your upgrade paths with a bit of overlap to allow for changing systems.

I would guess that NEX cameras don't generate as much profit per unit as the higher end A mounts, but the volume moved means they don't have to have the same profit margin. Where as an A99 probably generates more profit per unit and therefore doesn't require large volumes to be sold.
To go back to the car analogy again, they probably move more Yarises at a lower profit margin and less Camrays with a higher profit margin. Does that mean they should stop selling the Camray? Or stop selling the Yaris? Or perhaps continue selling both?

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