Black and Gray dye cartridge use on consumer inkjet AIO

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Only one way to find out for sure :)

ronzie wrote:

Model is Canon Pixma MG6320. It has a pigment black for documents and on the dye side for photos C, M, Y, Gray, and Black. When printing full color is the black cartridge used as a key layer undercoat as in basic offset printing of CMYK components to get rid of the impractical mixing of CMY in the subtractive color process to achieve black and maintain contrast? Is the gray cartridge used as well?

In other words photo black and photo gray are not just reserved for black monochrome printing?

Using QImage as the printing utility I fed a composite test standard color image with a gray scale and it had a color cast in the lower third of the gradient. I used Canon OEM inks on Photo Glossy II Canon Paper with its OEM G2 and G3 color profiles. It seemed black had a slightly red tinge as well.

I will be creating a Color Munki Photo V2 profile with it but I just wanted to know if the two neutral inks are used in color printing as well as in photo monochrome mode.

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Put the print back in your scanner and scan it at high resolution, you will be able to see the individual dots in the printout. Using this method I ascertained that my 5-ink iX6560 (dye and pigment black) does use its black dye ink with the other colors. That didn't stop the black to white ramp from the printer from having color casts without a custom color profile

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