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Interesting point

If you look at the history of the DSLR, C/N haven't really brought a lot new to it. Kodak created the DSLR as we know it. Minolta created IBIS. Olympus added live view, the tilt/pivot LCD, dust remover. Sony brought the EVF. Nikon started video with the D90. Fuji experimented with changes to the standard Bayer sensor. Canon first brought out high speed focus motors.

Otherwise, C/N have been content to add, like clockwork, a few more MP, another stop of ISO, every two years. They have very much been the Microsoft of the digital era: relying upon an existing base of owners locked in with lens collections, plus letting the innovators try out new ideas, copying them when they proved to be viable.

It is no coincidence that the companies that form the nucleus of the mirrorless field are the same companies who were pushing the innovation envelope on the DSLR, and getting nowhere economically. Instead, they created a market that wasn't dominated by a duopoly, one where they might actually profit from their ideas.

Note that Fuji did not implement it's newest and greatly improved X-Trans sensor on a DSLR - it went into the X series mirrorless cameras.

Does make one wonder where the DSLR will go next, now that many of its innovators appear to have moved on, or are in the process of moving on.

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