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brianric wrote:

Canon/Nikon embraced digital technology to protect their investment in lenses, and their survival. If their never was 35 mm, digital would have evolved with smaller bodies and lenses.

A very good point.  If anything it seems that the 135 format has held back digital SLRs for the last decade in that sensor fabrication of that particular size (IIRC, the APS-H format Canon used in their 1D series was settled upon as the largest non-stitched sensor design) is perhaps an order of magnitude more expensive than APS-C sensors.  Had FF digital rebels been the standard from the start, so much of the current angst around the false-dichotomy "why buy the EM1 when an XX FF is the same price?!" among (presumably) crop DSLR users would never have existed.  APS-C created a mess of compatability / backward looking / over-sized frankenstein solutions as DSLR makers were intent on grafting onto their film-era markets... with a generally unsatisfying user-experience for the vast majority of buyers.  Something as simple as the 12/2 for m43 (still to this day) has no equivalent on APS-C DSLRs.  If you want a 17/1.8 for the Canon 7D, you have to mount the 24/1.4 (a lens alone larger than a pen+17/1.8 combo).  Discounting the questionable approach of 4/3, m43 is the first digital system with a complete suite of lenses to match, and it is really exciting to see what is next on the horizon.  Looking at Fuji and Sony, it might be the case that there is no advantage to FF mirrorless at all given comparable size seems to determine lenses a stop slower (if the leaks are true) yet $1000s more for sensor bragging rights.  I know a number of people IRL who seem obsessed "ahh, yes, one of your cameras has a FULL SIZE sensor" yet they seem to overlook that I mostly carry the "micro" cameras with me

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