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Re: e^(i*pi*1) = 0

Jeff wrote:

Eric Fossum wrote:

There is a big difference between "science" and "technology" Science changes slowly, and is about the physical principles that underlie our universe. Technology is the application of science and engineering to mechanical, electronic, and optical devices, for example.

Calling this forum Photo Science would be generally incorrect, although I understand that many readers may not differentiate between the two words.

You might as well call it Photo Science and Technology.


This strikes me as an even better name for the forum. Transparent and captures the spirit of the community most likely to be contributors.

Probably good to indicate that it relates to scientific technology - as oppose to non-scientific technology (which would most certainly not be an accurate impression for prospective readers).

Probaly less pomp than something like "Advanced Photo Techniques", and probably beats the ever popular (but a bit wacky and weird phrase), "Spacey Tinkles", given the circumstances ...

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