Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Wow!!

dahod wrote:

I was out of town for a few days and just came back to this - surprised is a bit of an understatement.

First off I apologize to anyone I offended - I hate to see anyone get so wound up

Second - as I mentioned, I could be wrong (actually, I'm often wrong).

Third - my take on the interview is still the same - for Olympus, big is now bad. That position has given us software corrected lenses and a PRO line that might be at the 4/3 HG level. That seems to be okay with everybody.

What are you doing dave?  (I've always wanted to say that).

Anyhow, I agree with you that, for Olympus, big is bad. But my take is that, it's not a new self-awareness that has brought them to this point. Big is bad for business because it pits them against cameras that boast bigger sensors without a real advantage in body size. "Here buy this. It's the same size or larger than that camera over there that has a bigger sensor." It's proved a very hard pill for the majority of the photographic world to swallow. So yeah, big is bad for Olympus. Most people want smaller cameras and it's the only way they are going to give concessions to a smaller sensor inside.

On the next point, I'm curious to know why software correction is a problem for you. It works perfectly. To me it's similar--in effect--to how lens coatings and aspherical elements correct for other distortions. I suppose a more apt parallel might be noise reduction. Is that a problem? Would having software noise correction prevent you from buying a camera? I don't know of any pro cameras that don't have this. That's my perspective, but if you have a different point of view that I'm not thinking of, I'm interested to hear it.

Fourth - you might ask why I went 4/3 in the first place then. In response, Olympus had everything I was looking for - rugged magnesium body, weathersealed, reasonably priced great lenses, generally well thought out lens roadmap with promises to fill the holes, in-camera stabilization and an articulated LCD. I'm still happy with the choice I made.

These are the same reasons I went with 4/3rds. It was really the only sealed system under $4000 when I purchased the E-1 + 14-54mm. It is certainly why I am very keen on the E-M1--all the reasons above for getting into 4/3rds apply to the E-M1.

I had skipped the E-5 in anticipation of it's replacement. The E-M1 comes with a couple of caveats that I hadn't expected however. With the camera, lens, adapter, battery holder, flash and three extra batteries I'm looking at north of $3200 - not unreasonable for what you're getting but a lot of money for me so I need to be sure.

Yeah, wow, $3200 is a chunk. So if software correction in lenses is an issue and size is not, don't you have all the 4/3rds lenses still to match with the E-M1? If you value those great 4/3rds lenses, and don't mind a little extra size/weight why not stick with your lenses + an E-M1 with grip? But as you said, that's a lot of money. For me too. Since you want to be sure, there is no harm in waiting until you can handle one and see if it fits. Personally, I'll be waiting until I can afford the E-M1. My budget keeps me from being an early adopter--and there have been some real advantages to waiting for cameras to more closely match my budget.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond - sorry it raised so many emotions.


Glad to talk with you, Dave. There are always folks on forums who will just spout off emotionally. I try not to sweat it knowing the internet brings out the crazies. Youtube comments, for example, are clear indicators that "survival of the fittest" isn't working.



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