Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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artlmntl wrote:

As for the fate of all DSLRs, I think we'll see a day where the mirror will go away and DSLR will be more a body style than a physical arrangement inside the camera. It could be that Sony is trying to build that mental connection between their mirrorless cameras and the shape of the body, but it could also be that Sony saw the opportunity to build a cute little camera with high sales potential for the holidays.

No matter how you do it, the differences in physical arrangement inside the camera has a great deal to do with what photography the camera is suited for.  And you do need some sort of name to point out what those arrangements are otherwise you might as well not try to communicate with others.  At least to those of us that understand the differences and make that part of how we choose cameras.  They are not magic black boxes.

And the same thing is going to apply to the so called mirrorless cameras.  They diverge in what is inside of them and that does determine what one can do with them.  Talking of them like they are all perfect magic photography machines is very foolish and in time folks will realize they do need to understand what's inside. Plenty of flaws there.

If DSLR just becomes the same word as Camera, which is where it's heading then there will have to be a new set of names for the actual communication.  Otherwise we might as well not bother talking to each other.  It is simpler to maintain existing specific names than it is to invent new ones and get them accepted and standardized. That is certainly true of SLR and DSLR.

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