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Re: You get over it!

WaltKnapp wrote:

Michel J wrote:

And a sign that never fails is that the launch of the A3000 shows and proves that they are ready for a mirrorless DSLR design! For more ... ...

How can folks think that the A3000 is in any way shape or form a DSLR. Or that something mirrorless can even be a DSLR. It's a different design entirely from a DSLR, but apparently all folks believe the most desirable camera is a DSLR, thus whatever it is they keep wanting to call it a DSLR. If DSLR is believed to be the most desirable, make a true DSLR, sales will be better for that. You won't be trying to sell a lie.

You want a different camera design, nothing wrong with it, but stop pretending it's something it most definitely is not. Give it a different and appropriate name. Mirrorless is not appropriate for anything as it does not give a hint what's in the camera and how it works. It stands for nothing. Or maybe a Box Brownie.

Look at what's inside a camera and how it functions as that is what says what it can and cannot do.

The A3000 is a NEX E mount camera with different decoration on the outside. Or it imitates Sony's HX300 Cybershot Bridge camera in a lot of it's programming and function, because it certainly does that. DSLR is taken, find a different name. Maybe the A3000 can find a market, but it should be a honest one.

With respect, a part of marketing is selling the lie. That sounds terrible, but I think it has always been so. You're correct when you say Sony no longer produces DSLRs. And you're certainly correct about what an A3000 actually is. But it has to go somewhere on the shelf. And Sony wants it on the shelf next to the real DSLRs. So, they sell the appropriate lies.

To me, the real shame about it is, that it is so feature poor. I know they did that for the price point, but there is such a thing as too cheap. I think it would have been better if it had been a bit shinier. For the money, the IQ should be great; but I think Sony made too many compromises to meet that price point. I think they did the same thing with the A58. I don't know what it means for Sony's overall direction. Hopefully, nothing. But it does seem unlikely they will ever build another true DSLR.

As for the fate of all DSLRs, I think we'll see a day where the mirror will go away and DSLR will be more a body style than a physical arrangement inside the camera. It could be that Sony is trying to build that mental connection between their mirrorless cameras and the shape of the body, but it could also be that Sony saw the opportunity to build a cute little camera with high sales potential for the holidays.

Either way, at that price, many people will accept it the way it's been marketed. They don't know and don't care to know the difference.

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