Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: you guys are just hilarious

g_r_w wrote:

klauser wrote:

some blogger posts snipplets of a discussion with Terada, there is mentioning of female buyers and boom size inferiority complex kicks in (sensor size and other things that I don't want to think of).

I also met Mr Terada and when he held his presentation he was hammering (even though hammering is hardly a appropriate term to be associated with the soft spoken Terada with his fine sense of humor) about best IQ, best IQ, on par or better IQ than aps-c, IQ still trailing "ff" regarding shallow dof and low light, but always with a much better portability than the other systems. Now what's wrong with that, guys?

If you do need those extra 5 percent of IQ and you don't mind portability restrictions interfering with the other 95 percent of IQ, no worries, go and get ff. You will probably love it.


+1 - from what I've seen it is either as good or noticeably better than APS-C.

It's not. It doesn't match K-5's and it doesn't match Fuji Xtrans.  That still said, so what? Both systems have their advantages.  I call this the 4/3rds/ m4/3rds inferiority complex. Accept it's not as good as IQ wise on the sensor, and move on. It doesn't make the system useless or bad by any stretch.  It's all about trade offs.

There is a discernible difference between it and 35mm equiv when viewed side-by-side. I question whether most people would notice with no comparison shot though.

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