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Marty4650 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Equivalence and tech talk will still exist in all the other tech forums, for example, when someone talks about the "DOF advantage" of smaller sensors, but just that there's a dedicated forum now for tech talk besides correcting the misconceptions that come part and parcel with "common wisdom".

You may be right, but it is also possible that all of your educational, entertaining and enlightening equivalence threads could be moved to this new forum by the moderators.

Perhaps. However, I don't see a thread like the one with a subthread like this:


or threads like this:


being moved here.

Then, you and like minded souls could blissfully educate and inform each other there. You could start even more annoying polls about exposure. You will have your paradise.

Yes, I'm well aware that there are throngs of people who not only do not want to be educated, but take a perverse form of pride in not understanding.  You know, like when someone says, "I'm not good at math" with a certain "pride", when they'd never say something like, "I'm not good at reading".  It's an interesting phenomena.

It just depends on how well the moderators do their jobs.

Truth be told, I think that the mods have been doing a fine job for the most part.  Of course there has been the occasional exception, but who would expect perfection?

I suppose we shall see....

Indeed.  Myself, I'm optimistic.

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