Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Charles, and I agree

Marty4650 wrote:

If you want to use 4/3 PDAF lenses then that could be the best possible reason to spend the money.  The better LCD screen, much better EVF, higher shutter speed, focus peaking, etc, are ALL nice to have, but not really necessary for many of us.

The real problem for Olympus in upgrading the EM5 is... the EM5 is still very near the top of it's class. Eventually, we will get something better, but it will have to be a lot better to get me to part with $1400. There are lenses I would rather buy instead!

Yes, Olympus did too good of a job on the E-M5, likely due to their having a near-death experience at the time due to the scandal.  They had to come out with a great camera, or I seriously think they would have been kaput, and the E-M5 pulled them out of that dive, both in terms of corporate image and sales.

Here it is 1 1/2 years later, and it's become something of a legend in mFT circles, the little camera that could.  I've had mine for almost a year and I still absolutely love it, it's simply so far ahead of my E-620 and E-510 in IQ and features, two cameras I also loved dearly.

Tough act to follow, and at $1400, well I'm just not going there (E-M1) at this time.  I'll wait for either the E-M1 to become affordable or Olympus to come out with a less expensive body with many of the same features, which I think is inevitable given the competition.

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