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Re: You get over it!

Michel J wrote:

And a sign that never fails is that the launch of the A3000 shows and proves that they are ready for a mirrorless DSLR design! For more ... ...

How can folks think that the A3000 is in any way shape or form a DSLR.  Or that something mirrorless can even be a DSLR.  It's a different design entirely from a DSLR, but apparently all folks believe the most desirable camera is a DSLR, thus whatever it is they keep wanting to call it a DSLR. If DSLR is believed to be the most desirable, make a true DSLR, sales will be better for that. You won't be trying to sell a lie.

You want a different camera design, nothing wrong with it, but stop pretending it's something it most definitely is not. Give it a different and appropriate name. Mirrorless is not appropriate for anything as it does not give a hint what's in the camera and how it works.  It stands for nothing. Or maybe a Box Brownie.

Look at what's inside a camera and how it functions as that is what says what it can and cannot do.

The A3000 is a NEX E mount camera with different decoration on the outside.  Or it imitates Sony's HX300 Cybershot Bridge camera in a lot of it's programming and function, because it certainly does that.  DSLR is taken, find a different name. Maybe the A3000 can find a market, but it should be a honest one.

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