Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Well, I'm wrong - it is artificial, but since it is so quiet and does not even sound like a first shutter curtain, it's a bit of a mystery. It does follows the actuation of the aperture via the LA-EA1, which is how I first listened to it, afterwards checking with the kit lens, but as the sound is so slight its arrival at the end of the aperture closing is hardly noticeable.

Stick your ear to the camera and there's a succession of noises in including a definite hum when the shutter is closed. If it wasn't for the information that cutting off the speaker removes the sound, I would have thought some small switch had been operated.

Perhaps it's there to help with diagnostics - even just for routine camera quality control, confirming a particular state/action? Certainly when working on a tripod, with the camera set to viewfinder mode, it would be otherwise difficult to tell when the shutter has been released for long exposures. It also clicks when beep is turned off and self-timer mode is used (signalled only by the flashing LED).


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