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Re: Some truth but...

winedarksea wrote:

OK, Jonikon, watch and see what happens. Have you been reading Thom Hogan, by the way?

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I am watching to see what happens as I think Sony is developing some very interesting camera and sensor technology right now and it will be interesting to see what kind of products that bring to market. However it is just of academic curiosity for me now as I have no vested interest in the A mount anymore and am very happy with my Nikon gear.

To answer your question. Although I believe Thom Hogan to be a very capable and respected photographer and writer, I rarely read his website anymore, and have not done so for some time now, as I had found his sometimes rambling rants and prognostications and opinions off the mark and too often tiresome.

However, I do have Thom's book for the Nikon V1 and it is excellent!. Too bad Thom does not write books for Sony cameras though, as he really gets into the design and engineering, and not just an expanded version of the camera manual. Being an engineer, I like to no why, not just how.



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