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Re: It is that last touch that makes all the difference ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

erichK wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote: That is, what comes out of FF with 135/2 on it (or pretty much any other lens) can not be touched with smaller formats anyway you turn it. Landscapes, closeups, sports, portraits, you name it.

There are indeed some special uses for which so-called "full frame" is outstanding. Extremely detailed landscapes are one, though MF is better, and a view camera with a scanning digital back is better still.

What is the fastest lens you can get for MF? Just curious.

Probably the Voigtlander 25mm f0.95, but there are probably faster "C" mount video lenses. With full electronic AF Olympus 12mm/f2, and 17, 45 and 75 mm f1.8 and Panasonic 14 f2.5, 20 1.7, 25 1.4.

For portraits in which one wants a really shallow plane of sharpness, I suppose your example of the 135 f2 may be relevant. However, I have yet to need anything "shallower" than my 150f2, the bouquet of which I'll gladly compare to any other lens in any other format,

You shoot portraits with 300mm f/4 equivalent lens, wow! I mean, of course, you can do it, but it is just wow ..

It works quite well for candid portraits, though the 75 and 45 f1.8 have mostly replaced it for that since I've moved mostly to mFT. "jinfinite" (Justin Bonaparte's) excellent use of the 150f2 (and also the 50f2) in this way are what persuaded me to finally buy the lens. That, and a close look at the RAW files from one I tried at Calgary's The Camera Store.

or even the mFT 75f1.8, which is almost as good, and very discrete and compact (unlike either aforementioned two lenses!).

This one is better. Probably the best you can have.

It is certainly more practical, though I'm using the 150f2 right now for the beautiful Sandhill Cranes that are passing through.

For closeups, the greater depth-of-sharpness of FT and mFT is usually an advantage,

No, not really. You just stop the lens down, even you really need it.

Well yes, but for most subjects - I will not kill or torture something for a photograph - 5.6 or f8 is needed to keep all that is wanted sharp in focus

especially as one moves into the near macro and macro realm and the image quality that the Zuiko 50f2 and 60mm f2.8 produces is excellent. And there is also a Panasonic-Leica macro lens that may be even better.

This is in fact where I would rather use longer lens, than the shorter one. Unless it is some kind of a lens-reverse combination. Mostly for perspective, but also for distance.

You do have a point here. Olympus should have come out with the 100mm or so macro they kept promising. They had a magnificent 90mm macro in the OM days...but that reminds me that with the multiplication factor, Olympus actually does provide a 70mm f3.5 1:1 and 100mm 1:2 macro for FT's and now a 120mm f2.8 1:1 macro for mFT

But if it works for you, there is just no advantage in smaller format.

I actually find the smaller cameras much easier to carry and use as I try to get at subjects in underbrush and try to avoid throwing a shadow on them.

For the rest of us - and this includes a great many pros - the image-pipeline quality, mechanical features and lenses mFt offers should do just fine for 90-95% of our photography.

Which is good enough, I agree. I am thinking of getting a 20mpx Sony for it, Easy to carry .. My threshold of good enough is not that high really.

Our necks, backs and shoulders and our bank accounts will appreciate the break! And our marriages may last longer.

So that's how it is for you, I am sorry to hear that.

That slight on my manhood and virile prowess I will answer in a separate Email 8-[ !

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- sergey

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