GX7 EVF great or not so great

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Somewhere in the middle.

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

I was very unimpressed with the GX7s EVF and several others have commented similarly. Others have said how brilliant it is. If you've seen a GX7 perhaps you'd like to vote. It is hard to believe that views can be so different on a simple assessment.

(Con) It is relatively small. I expected it to be larger.

(Minor Con) One can see artifacts when moving eyes too fast around.

(Pro) Color reproduction is good.

(Pro) No visual artifacts in very bright or dark light.

(Pro) Refresh rate and lag seem to be sufficient for me. (But I haven't yet tried to shoot something moving.)

To be honest, I expected it to be larger. But I'm already used to smaller OVFs of entry-level DSLRs.

On the other side, the fact that it is an EVF and not OVF, to me personally is already a Pro of its own. (Disclosure: my first cam with an EVF.) I can see immediately effects like exposure compensation, white balance and color mode. (Also: level gauge.) To me, exposure compensation was always a game with DSLRs: you win some, you lose some (then you lose some more, due to forgotten exposure compensation from before). White balance was a total mystery, better lest on auto, untouched. Overall, I simply shot RAWs and fixed the rest in PP. Now with EVF, I actually see the real image which is going to be recorded and I have already mostly figured the WB, missed exposure compensation only once and do not need to realign my photos in PP since I can display the level at any time. After two sessions in RAW+JPEG mode, I have switched to JPEG-only and am pretty satisfied with the results. Right now I'm not even sure that I would ever want to trade the goodies of EVF for a better/larger/brighter OVF. (The only downside to EVF I have found to date is the slower refresh rate in low light.)

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