OM-D and PEN are E-System cameras

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Re: OM-D and PEN are E-System cameras

Timur Born wrote:

It wasn't so obvious to me, so it may not be obvious to others. Both OM-D and PEN are E-System cameras and as thus qualify for Olympus' offer to get a free MMF-3 offer when you buy an E-M1. When I first read about this offer (in some countries at least) I thought "This is for users of old FourThird equipment", but nope, it's for "E-System" camera owners.

No they arnt really e-system cameras in the traditional sense. The offer should be for those of us that have been with 43rds from early days and want something bang up to date to hang our hg and shg glass on with full functionality.

If what you say is true, everyone with an Oly will get a free mmf3. Fair???

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