Tried the EM-1 today in Southampton

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Tried the EM-1 today in Southampton

I made it to Southampton today to try out the EM-1.  When no E-7 was announced I considered switching to Canon or Nikon FF then thought I must at least try the EM-1 with my lenses before going, given the free grip and MMF-3 offer is a good one.  Here's my non-scientific view:

The Good

EM-1 is really well built, as is the 12-40

Handles ok with all the 4/3 lenses I tried including the 50-200 without a battery grip

Focuses the 12-60, PL25, 50-200 reasonably well. Maybe not as well as an E-5, but OK.   Using the 50-200 outside the shop in the street it jumped focus to the wrong thing quite a lot.

It's small and fairly light, then compared to an E-5 + 12-60 it would be!

The Bad

Focusing the 50/f2 seemed much worse than my E-5

It feels too small in the hand mainly due to less thickness than the E-5, but I could get used to it.

The EVF is nowhere near as good as the E-5 viewfinder.  This is the real deal-breaker on which I  need to think about whether I keep what I have, go with it, or switch to Canikon.  Given the hype about the EVF, this was a real disappointment.  It was much worse than I expected given all the rave reviews on YouTube etc..  Hard to tell if something was focused, was noisey/grainy inside the shop but better outside plus what seems like a fair bit of lag.

Now a bit more confused as expected to like it a lot more than I did and anticipated buying one.

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