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Re: I don't really think that's the point... :)

BorisK1 wrote:

lylejk, Chato is a self-proclaimed Socialist.

I knew there was something I liked about that guy.

Socialists *love* to bleat about the virtues of sacrifice and of pitfalls of greed.

We just bleat. Besides, we no longer need to proselytize sacrifice - that has fallen into the banker-corporate elite (sorry, JOB CREATORS) and their consolidated bought-out media pawns and bought-out congress, whipping our sheepy butts in line by smacking down fair pay, worker's rights, crushing unions, fighting against single payer health care, empowering corporate rule.

In Soviet Union, you *couldn't get away* from that bleating. It was constant and pervasive. Chato would love to be a spigot in the great machine and be proud of his sacrifice.

And there's no difference between socialized medicine and taxpaper funded socialized education, police, fire services, etc. and Soviet Russia. None at all.

And don't bring religion into this. Ayn Rand spoke out against the *institutionalized* sacrifice.

And then went on the government teat just like her peers, when she was old and sick.

When you have a whole nation of altruists, indoctrinated to the bone, and humble Chato, leading them into the bright and selfless future. Because he must.

Too bad there aren't more of the proletariat Chato.

A pipe and mustache might go out of style, but great ideals keep on killing people.

Yeah, those medicare, welfare, food stamp scumbags are butchering everyone. Same with the union workers. They gots all the power.

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