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007peter Forum Pro • Posts: 11,527
[TRUTH #2] DRP will never break up M43 forum. Its a money generator

007peter wrote:

M43 forum is WAR ZONE by comparison. It is very exciting here. I go to canon forums to talk about photography, then come here for flame war entertainment. No a day goes by without some kind of attack and counter-attacks. DPR loves this, since M43 forum generate so much activity and page turn here.

I forgot to add that this is also the reason why DPR will never breakup M43 forum.  M43 forum and its endless battles is a money generator.  The more activity, more clicks, more AD, more VIEW = more $$$.

Sad, but I wish DPR would at least breakup this forum into a M43 body and a M43 lens forum.  Afterall, canon/nikon have their lens centric forum and there is enough lens in M43 system to justify a separate forum.

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