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I think you missed it.

Marty4650 wrote:

This new forum is a brilliant idea.

Now, the exposure and equivalence folks can have their own home, rather than clogging up the other forums with repetitive threads and polls.

Equivalence and tech talk will still exist in all the other tech forums, for example, when someone talks about the "DOF advantage" of smaller sensors, but just that there's a dedicated forum now for tech talk besides correcting the misconceptions that come part and parcel with "common wisdom".

And it will be much easier to avoid those posts.

It always has been easy.  It's just that those most against it prefer to "entertain" than avoid.

Hats off to Dpreview!

I do think it's a great idea, and hope they create a "Photography as Art" forum, too, which, of course, will be completely filled by all the wonderful photos taken by those who bitch and moan about tech posts.

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