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Simon Joinson wrote:

I thought i'd just introduce this forum with an idea of why I decided to create this forum.

There has never been a natural home on dpreview for the kind of deeply technical discussions about the theoretical science and practical application of technology that often arise in the many forums on dpreview.

Those of you with a deep knowledge - or unwavering curiosity about - the material, optical and electronic engineering science behind digital image capture represent an valuable part of our community, and this forum is yours to use as you wish. For the moment there will be no community moderators (though if you want one once the forum gets going, please let me know).

I would like to also think this forum could be a place where the less technically minded can come to get answers to their questions - if they do come, please treat them gently.

This is the only reason this forum was created. There's no hidden agenda (and I'll look at the positioning of the forum next week if it's felt that it is too far down the list), and there's nothing to stop you talking science in other forums (especially if answering questions/contributing to threads). But if you want to start a discussion about a scientific matter, and are not just creating a poll designed to show how misinformed the majority of respondents are (the apparent 'entertainment value' of proving you're smarter than the average bear) please do it here. We will, over time, move the most useful technical discussions we find around the forums into this one.

So, enjoy!


Well, it's most certainly worth a shot, and, for the record, I think it's a good idea.

If I may be so bold as to suggest, maybe a counterpart to this forum, like "Photography as Art", where people can discuss photography from an artistic perspective without the bother of the technical stuff.  Then put the two forums next to each other in the forum list, so as to attract people to both, based on their interests.

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