Who should teach photography?

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Re: Craftsmen vs. artists...

Beach Bum wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Actually, the lesson "should be" just have fun. If you happen to learn something, excellent, but rest assured, that happened by accident.

Always in "instruction" and "teaching" mode aren't you, even when someone is obviously being polite and deferring to your greater experience on this forum. It does get a bit irritating, I have to tell you.

It's a good way to turn someone on your side to someone not on your side. Just FYI. You should just take it as a compliment when someone, especially me, decides not to put up a fight. Just IMO.

I'll put up my life experience (and, yes, technical knowledge) against anyone here. So, I don't really need to be told what lesson I should learn. Again, most of what I've said here was from an excess of politeness.

I'm sorry you took my post as something serious -- I meant no slight to you.  But, let me now say something serious:  I'm not trying to get anyone to my "side".  So, I guess I also have to apologize if you think that I think my posts convince anyone of anything.

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