Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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Ben Herrmann
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Decisions, decisions...and so many choices

What is a typical guy to do....

Look mannnnnn, I hear you.  As a long time multi-brand user, I can easily say that the decisions are many when it comes to all of this.  After all, all the brands offer some wonderful offerings - that's for sure.

But let me be the first to tell you right that "should" you make the decision to forgo Olympus and then pick up a Nikon or Canon camera - no matter how wonderful that camera may seem, you will inevitably wind up regretting it in the long run.  We've just all begun too accustomed with a wide variety of Olympus traits - whether they be color tonality, 4/3 format, and other scenarios.  Now don't get me wrong because the D7100 is a wonderful camera....so is the D5200.

But what is occurring within the micro 4/3 community now-a-days is nothing short of sensational.  IMO, the logical progression for you would be to get an E-M1 - thus ensuring you can use all of your regular 4/3 Zuiko glass.  The advances made in the m4/3 arena have really been astounding, in particular, developing parity with regular APS-C sized DSLR's.  And we're talking speed and low noise, high ISO scenarios.

In addition to the micro 4/3 cameras I currently shoot with - the Oly E-M5, E-PL5, E-P3 and the Panny GF1, GX1, and G5, I've also had the luxury (privilege) of owning the Fuji X-E1, the Samsung NX300, and the Canon EOS M.  Now please note that all of these cameras are wonderful - which reinforces what I mentioned in my 2nd paragraph above.  But regardless of the performance levels of the other-brand cameras just mentioned, I find myself continuing to shoot primarily with the micro 4/3 cameras.

So getting a D7100 camera (heck, I should used to shoot with a variety of Nikon DSLR's - loved them and always will), is not a bad decision at all.  But I'll tell you, once you get accustomed to shooting with micro 4/3 camera bodies, you tend to become spoiled!

So again - my suggestion would be to "keep it within the family" if you are so inclined.  The E-M1 is winning rave comments and reviews all over the place.

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

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