AF frustrations & questions....

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Re: AF frustrations & questions....


I have the 12-24 pentax. Autofocus hits the target in 20 percent of cases, regardless of lighting conditions. The rest of the shots is completely missed. I want to focus at infinity and AF is set at 1 meter. I want to focus at 2 meters and AF hits the infinity. Anything can happen, so I have to focus manually during the events.

I have the pentax k5 too.

1.Autofocus in artificial light in most of the cases is missed. (pentax 50-135, pentax 18-55 WR).

2.The central AF marker is moved relative to the focusing screen by about 1 side length of the AF square.

3. Focus on the focusing screen does not coincide with a focus on the sensor (AF and MF).

4. Also it has a bug known here and there as "shutter going off by itself"

5. Sometimes hangs.

6. On each video there are loud single crackles every 4 seconds.

Equipment was two or three times in authorized service under warranty. I have been calling service, mailing, explaining the faults, unfortunately.

"Service does not identify any faults" - I was written off every time.

Whether it is a cause for frustration? Or service needs to be repaired?

My brother had the same problem with broken button in k5 and unseeing service.

P.S. The k5 body with KIT only, in Poland was more than 2 times the national average payment.

Maybe this is the reason why I have not seen even one photographer in PL working with Pentax.


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