First photo of K-3

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Re: K-3 ...from whence this rumour came ..

Take a look at any K5/II/s SD card slot, cramming in another one would be quite the trick. If they make the body larger, yes.

It would seem that when the D7100 was announced, including their price point, Pentax/Ricoh must have crapped in their collective trousers. P/R were expected to announce the K3 earlier this year... they obviously had second thoughts, regrouped and probably went on double/triple shifts to kick something out only 7 months or so later.

We shall see what we shall see. I hope PR can do a great job considering.

janneman02 wrote:

sfa1966 wrote:

janneman02 wrote:

And to be honest an upgrade to 27 af sensors, all cross and all tracking seems to be a bit too much alll of a sudden.

Not after three years of sweet nothing, it doesn't ...

And the dual cards slots seem to have dissapeared from the rumors as well.

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