Catch-in_focusing ideas.

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Re: Catch-in_focusing ideas.

Agree Ron.

Would also add:

For street work, hand-held shooting (with manual lenses).  Keep it in CIF mode, and start with the subjects intentionally out of focus and slowly bring them in and let the camera's AF system do the work.  The real trick is figuring out whether the particular lens combo is more accurate starting the OOF point past the subject, or in front of it (for handheld shooting).  With my Zeiss (35mm)/K5, it was noticeably more accurate when starting the OOF point behind the subject then slowly racking the focus back onto the subject.  With K20D it was the opposite.  Doesn't take long to figure out.

Can breathe new life into some older MF-only lenses, for those who thing manual focusing is just too slow for street work.


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