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Re: Folks here have taken a divergent path - they need validation

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Jere Landis wrote:

I shot Canon for years and still use a Canon DSLR sometimes. I went over the the Canon forum I used to frequent a lot, guess what, the activity there is not near what it is here. Why do you think that is the case.

They also may generally have questions that can't be answered by your average camera salesperson, who knows little specific detail with respect to Micro 4/3 products.

Going with Canon or Nikon DSLRs is a conventional choice, requiring little external validation, and conventional wisdom about those systems abounds.

Very good point. I also believe that people who choose m43 are more likely to be genuinely interested in, and therefore talk about, photography itself. Whereas a larger percentage of those buying CaNikon do so because they want to be seen to have big professional looking gear (which they subsequently use to make snapshots).

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