G15/G16, made in China?

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Re: G15/G16, made in China?

Dan Hudson wrote:

Hey, thanks a lot. I am tired of supporting China in that persecute Christions and etc. I have ordered a Nikon P7800, but may cancel it since I found out that their P7700 is made in China. I have had a G10 a while back and it had the lens self scratch problem. Lens protection blades touched the lens and scratched it. Sent it back and abandoned the G series until now. Has Canon addressed this issue? Thanks again for the info....

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I had a Canon G in much earlier years but the later ones were the G7 & G9 before I skipped the next (too bulky) and then bought what I regard as the superb G15 for both easy-carry and excellent results that I'll put up against any other.  But I've never had the slightest problem with the sliding lens covers .. they ARE fairly delicate of course - yet I suppose sound enough to do as intended..  but I honestly do not see how they can cause damage to the lens UNLESS the camera is unwisely made subject to undue pressure of some kind at the front... this can clearly happen if the front is left prone to any pressure or even I suppose if the camera is in some sort of SOFT case when those front shutters are still available to unknown and unwanted front pressure. I just cannot see how the lens can be damaged unless undue pressure is placed on those blades.. I think it is unfair to judge the camera on that - it is surely the user who creates the pressure where it simply is not made to stand that - nor indeed can do so I'm afraid.. as those shutters need to be fairly thin to act as they do.  It's still down to a matter of user-care.

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