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Re: XF1: From Elk Cove Trail, No. 631

evannole wrote:

I have noticed that you use Aperture for your editing.

Have you worked with both Aperture and Lightroom? Any thoughts on either? You are clearly a more advanced photographer than me, and I am thinking that if you are doing just fine with Aperture, it would probably be more than adequate for my purposes.

Aperture is a very powerful program, and I have barely scratched the surface of its capabilities.  I have not worked with Lightroom, but I have a copy of Lightroom's little brother, Photoshop Elements, that plays the same role for Lightroom that iPhoto plays for Aperture.  Frankly, I do not like Elements at all;  I much prefer iPhoto to Elements, and probably should just wipe Elements from the disk to gain some storage space.   For that matter, since I got Aperture a couple of years ago, I have barely touched iPhoto, because anything that you can do in iPhoto, you can do better in Aperture, and therefore Aperture is addictive.  Fortunately, Apple has made iPhoto and Aperture libraries compatible, so everything you have carefully archived in iPhoto can be accessed and further edited in Aperture.

As you may know, there is continuing speculation in the DPReview Mac Talk Forum whether Apple has "abandoned" Aperture, because the time between major upgrades has been so long.  "Enduring" long periods during which the version of a software program that I have purchased remains the latest version of the product bothers me not at all, but it seems to distress many Appleheads.   Only you can assess whether extended product cycles are a plus or a minus for you.

Andy Hewitt, a longtime contributor to the Mac Talk Forum, recently acquired a Fujifilm HS50, and now drops in on the Fujifilm Talk Forum.  Andy has gone far beyond my level of expertise with Aperture, and you may want his thoughts on the questions you have asked.  In the Mac Talk Forum, three contributors, Najinsky, noirdesir, and Alpha Doug, have helped me along as I have tried to learn Aperture, and they could offer further insights than I can.

As to the comment suggesting to that I am "a more advanced photographer" than you, I sincerely doubt that it is true, but I am sternly warning you that flattery will get you anywhere with me.  

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