Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Opinion is no substitute for facts - really?

boggis the cat wrote:

Except that FT was designed from scratch. Olympus were not devising a way to attach a digital sensor to a 135 film system.

Why so important? Does light behave differently because the camera body is 'digital'? Maybe its something that only happens in the Southern Hemisphere.

Do you understand what 'optimal' means?

You mean as in 'optimal size'?

Oly's eagerness for demonstrating their compactness helped set off the equivalent wars. Oly kept accidentally only using focal length when describing their size advantage.

Can you point to any manufacturer giving 'equivalent DOF'? No, you can't.

"Equivalence" is a pointless exercise, and most people understand that.


I say that you have a very limited memory when it comes to photography.


  • Open Standard -- Ensures expandability and compatibility of products from different manufacturers

In the end, this didn't ensure anything, did it?

Didn't Panasonic also build bodies and lenses, and didn't they subsequently create MicroFT based on the same concept? That we can now continue to use our 'over engineered' standard FT lenses on?

We can also use Nikkors, Canon, Pentax ... the isn't isn't the ability to use them, it is how functional they are. The EM1 is the first m43/rds camera that promises normal functionality for 4/3rds lenses.

No, he wants an 'E-7' in preference to an E-M1.

True. But if ultimate IQ is really important, he would get something else.

Unfortunately, Olympus would have a hard time breaking even on producing such a body given the minimal advantages it would offer, so they have elected not to do so.

OPINION - though I agree with you ... in my opinion

This does not mean that his desires are somehow 'wrong', Tim -- just that he has different desires, and possibly actual needs, than yours (or mine).

OPINION - and while I agree with part of what you are saying here, his post suggests that he bailed on the EM1 not because he learned something new about the EM1, but because Oly said it was designed for girls. "I'm at a disadvantage because I'm certainly neither young nor female. I'm also okay that my E-3 and 50-200 is a big piece of gear - it takes good pictures."

If IQ is more important than size, then 4/3rds is the wrong format. It gave up IQ in order to gain a size advantage over its competition. Otherwise, Olympus could have simply bought a cheap APS-c sensor that was available at the time and designed its magical digital lenses around that. And if IQ was really really important, they would have gone FF or even Medium format.

Imagine a magical digital Olympus lens on a Phase One back. All other camera would immediately vanish.

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