Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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I went to Nikon APS and now I am back to Oly

I went to D300s. Purchase a bunch of lenses, but Nikon nor 3rd party really care about DX format.

There are occasions where APS will be better than 4/3s, but not really. Full Frame will give you a lot of resolution but for a cost.

My favorite lens is the Nikon 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Macro Lens.  There is still no equivalent for that lens.  Until the E-M1, Nikon handled flash much better.  Now I can manage Nikon and Olympus strobes together in 3 separate groups which is awesome!

I will gladly accept any compromises of the E-M1 for the portability and weight savings.

I will keep my Nikon 300s for certain shooting situations.

If you are going to switch, you consider FF D600 since most of your lenses are going to fall into the FF category and there is little reason from image IQ pov to go with APS.

That being said, the D400 if it should EVER come out may be a game changer should it come out and be mirror less and perhaps and electronic shutter and say between 16 to 18mpx.  They need to resolve ISO issues because above 800 ISO the D300s struggles.  Getting nice JPEG out of a Nikon like you can with Olympus is a chore and you might as well just shoot RAW.

You ultimately need to decide what you want.  I am choosing portability but keeping my Nikon gear for niche reasons.

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