70d look and feel..

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Re: 70d look and feel..

Stakeouttoo wrote:

Lemming51 wrote:

??? Per manufacturer and preview descriptions I've seen, in terms of Size, weight, control layout, and finish the 70D's feel should all be very similar to 60D. In what way did it feel more like your 450D?

it's probably just me...but it sure did feel 'smaller' in my hands and very similar to my older Xsi rather than to the 60d that it replaced.. it just didn't 'feel right' after using my 60d for the past 2 years

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my Canon 60d sure beats using that ol' Petri 7s

I upgraded from a 450D and the 70D doesn't remind me of the 450D in any way. After having the 70D for a couple of weeks I picked up the 450D and it feels like a toy. I really like the larger body of the 70D not to mention everything else. That said I'm hanging on to the 450D since there isn't a significant value to me in selling it and it might come in handy someday - I was able to take some nice photos with it over the years. My bet is that you haven't picked up a rebel in a while and forgot what it feels like.

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