EOS M, what's the point?

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Re: Value and Size

forpetessake wrote:

Jefenator wrote:

Photato wrote:

When in doubt check the $2,500 Sony RX1 similar 35mm f2 lens and can't change it.

The IQ difference of these 2 cameras is very small though.

I think of my EOS-M 22mm kit as being a poor man's RX1. The $2500 camera might have a bit more resolution, subject isolation and low light ability, but the $300 camera is more fun.

Quite an understatement. The $2500 camera has a lot more resolution, subject isolation and low light ability. Fun is quite subjective notion, but $300 is cheap indeed compared to practically everything else mirrorless.

Yes, but the RX1 cannot change lenses (e.g., no birding, no macro, no low light telephoto) and is much much worse for video. If you don't care about video, and want to shoot exclusively with one focal length, and have a very big budget the RX1 wins. But, the quality difference in stills (35mm f.20 to 35mm f2.0) is nowhere equal to the difference in price ($2500/$300).

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