Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Opinion is no substitute for facts

rovingtim wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

Okay, let's break this down shall we?

Main Benefits:

  • 100% Digital Concept -- Digital dedicated design optimizes performance of the image sensor

If we drop the first part we end up with this: "design optimizes performance of the image sensor". This statement describes the goal of every single camera manufacturer out there. Their marketing all describe their unique 'way' of doing it. And it all is pretty much mumbo jumbo.

Except that FT was designed from scratch.  Olympus were not devising a way to attach a digital sensor to a 135 film system.

  • High Mobility -- Compact design maximises camera mobility

This is what everyone tests the 4/3rds system for (except for the few chosen from this forum). Even DPReview. Didn't you see Olympus' 4/3rds launch campaign? It was all about size with competitive quality. It was never quality and incidentally we used a small sensor. If IQ is the goal, why use a small sensor?

Do you understand what 'optimal' means?

Oly's eagerness for demonstrating their compactness helped set off the equivalent wars. Oly kept accidentally only using focal length when describing their size advantage.

Can you point to any manufacturer giving 'equivalent DOF'?  No, you can't.

"Equivalence" is a pointless exercise, and most people understand that.

For example, in the link I attached Oly says "Both photographs above were taken using the same angle of view and F-number" while comparing imaging problems. Well, this means the Oly lens was effectively stopped down two stops for this comparison. Shockingly, when you stop down a comparable FF lens two stops, the imaging problems also disappear.

Perhaps it would with the latest designs.  The cost difference problem remains, however, in many cases.

Funny that. Do you think it was [ insert mumbo jumbo here ] that achieved this for FF? What say you?

I say that you have a very limited memory when it comes to photography.

  • Open Standard -- Ensures expandability and compatibility of products from different manufacturers

In the end, this didn't ensure anything, did it?

Didn't Panasonic also build bodies and lenses, and didn't they subsequently create MicroFT based on the same concept?  That we can now continue to use our 'over engineered' standard FT lenses on?

You may want to ensure that both of your eyes are open, Tim.


I was talking about large format film, not a compact 35mm camera.

You may wish to consider the total costs of producing each photo, in that case.

What price for astounding quality? Anyway, the OP said he wanted manly and big. Maybe he also wants manly and big costs to go with his manly big equipment.

But even so, the D800 does not lack features and its only a few hundred quid cheaper than the EM1.

The D800 is US$2800 on B&H Photo (includes a $200 rebate), vs. US$1400 for the E-M1. Then you have to put very high-end lenses on the D800 to get the best out of it.

Yep. I screwed up here. I meant "a few hundred quid more expensive".

Double the cost.

You'd be looking at paying at least twice the price and have a system at least twice as heavy and much larger. That is the trade-off.

That's why I don't want one. But the manly OP does.

No, he wants an 'E-7' in preference to an E-M1.  Unfortunately, Olympus would have a hard time breaking even on producing such a body given the minimal advantages it would offer, so they have elected not to do so.

This does not mean that his desires are somehow 'wrong', Tim -- just that he has different desires, and possibly actual needs, than yours (or mine).

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