"Best" lenses for my new GX7?

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Re: "Best" lenses for my new GX7?

ThePhilips wrote:

Joxbox wrote:

I just ordered a GX7 with the 20/1,7 and I'm thinking of buying one or two zooms as well.


Are there any other good options I have foreseen?

I have just gotten myself 12-50 and 45-150 zooms. Both performing pretty well so far.

The 12-50 as a "kit" zoom is rather good, albeit bit expensive and long. But it also can do good close-ups.

The 45-150 was cheap and I like to have a smallish tele lens in the collection. If I'm not shooting people or macro, then it is some tele and this lens should do (if reviews are to be trusted) a decent job. (Plan to take it tomorrow out.)

I also plan to buy the 14mm pancake in the future. But that can wait, since I want to experiment more with the 20mm. I always had hard time liking the 25mm FL (50mm eq), but 20mm seems to be a very good compromise for a walkaround lens: not too wide (like 12mm or 14mm), not too tele (like 25mm or 30mm).

For macro, since I already have it, I would probably stay with my Oly 50mm. The Oly 60mm and Panny 45mm are not cheap enough to justify the trade. For macro, AF speed is not important, and GX7's focus peaking does good job at the moment.

Forgot another (zoom) lens I'm considering: 9-18mm.

Never before I owned a (U)WA and the lens costs here in Germany ~600€, what makes the buying decision rather hard. (But compared to the Panny 7-14 at ~1000€, the 9-18 is really a bargain.)

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