Lets Hear your iOS7 Horror Stories

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Re: Lets Hear your iOS7 Horror Stories

Steven Wandy wrote:

Photato wrote:

Slower operations in general.

Have not found this.

It depends on the Processor A4, A5, A6, etc

Ask iPhone 4 owners and they will tell you.

Is a well know fact that iOS7 is more resource hungry than iOS6 and before.

I have an iPod5 (A5 dual core processor) and i can tell is slower.

Battery runs shorter.

Have heard a lot of complaints about this, but I have not really noticed it yet. And if so, for me I would put it down to accessing the phone more through the Notification Center and using iTunes Radio more.

It should be, iOS7 is more resource intensive, hence shorter battery life.

I hope they optimize it as iOS7 matures, but for now iOS6 is more power efficient and iOS5 was even better in that regard.

With the native camera apps is harder to switch between Still and Video.

Someone else answered this.

A minor complain, not a deal breaker.

Shutter now works in burst mode all the time. No longer works in "release to shoot".

Wow - did not even notice that yet. But I never used the "release to shoot" method anyway. Cool.

Photos app background is white when looking at pictures instead of black, hate that.

If you tap on a photo to enlarge it and then tap again, it changes the background from White to Black. But would be nice if there was an option to set the default background, but it is there.

Yes, i noticed that later, is really weird.

In general iOS7 UI use white background extensively, that might be great for paper, but not ergonomic in back-lit screens. Too harsh on eyes during bed time.

Even though I'm a big fan of minimalist style I hate the new interface, is cold, sterile, devoid of visual cues, bad ergonomic design.

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