Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Facts about the NEX 3n shutter sound

I have a 3n. I have taken off the lens and used the shutter at 2s and watched the curtain.

There is no first curtain. It has electronic first curtain. Nothing moves when you fire the shutter.

The fake first curtain noise is muted when you put your finger over the speaker holes on the bottom of the camera.

Shutter closure is a real sound, and you can see the blades close.

A forum member took his apart to cut the speaker wire and the fake shutter opening sound went away. Proof positive, not that it was needed after a close look at how the camera behaves.

I think Sony did this because it would confuse people at slow shutter speeds if they heard nothing on shutter opening. It is a perfect opportunity for a firmware tweak, but if Sony can't manage M + autoISO I do not have high hopes.

Sony builds good equipment, but I don't get the feeling many of their engineers are photographers. The NEX interface is awful compared to my EOS-m.

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