Cancelled my E-M1 order

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You are dreaming

Anastigmat wrote:

dahod wrote:

I read the interview with Mr. Terada ( however, and it left me with a less than warm and fuzzy feeling. I could be reading it wrong and I apologize if I am but my take from it was

  1. 4/3 was a failure because it didn't result in measurably smaller camera/lens combinations - M4/3 will correct that.

That is the god awful truth. People are unwilling to put up with a smaller sensor without any real savings in size, weight, or price.

Believe it or not, there really was a 4/3 savings in terms of size, weight, and cost. It just wasn't a big enough savings to offset the loss of image quality that larger sensors provided.

M4/3 pretty much corrected this. You can now get almost the same image quality (and in some cases better) than you can from an APSC camera in a considerably smaller and lighter package. And it can even be cheaper, based on which current generation cameras you are comparing.

  1. His target market is the "young generation with a focus on young females"

Most of them use camera phones, and may not find it necessary to lug even a compact camera around, let alone something as big as the EM-1.

  1. He can't figure out how to attract European women buyers but he has a couple of thoughts.

The female pros won't be using the EM-1. The amateurs just use a camera phone or smart phone. There is no market among them for the EM-1.

There are all sorts of pros, and all different types of amateurs. If you think the EM1 can be replaced by a cell phone, then you are choosing to ignore reality.

  1. M4/3 can almost beat APS-C on image quality but wins on portability ("their lenses are so much bigger than ours")

Beating Aps-c is a pipe dream. The NEX cameras are smaller and more portable, and they have aps-c sensors.

NEX cameras really are generally smaller than M4/3 cameras, but some are not. The A3000 is relatively large and heavy when compared to an Olympus EM5, so these generalizations are sometimes silly, and often wrong.

The newest Sony NEX 3N is actually the same size and weight as an Olympus EPM2. But once you put a lens on it, it suddenly becomes much larger, heavier, and more expensive:

The only "NEX advantage" is if you can somehow shoot pictures without using a lens!

As far as image quality goes, I really can't see much difference between the EPM2 and similar NEX cameras. Compare them at ISO 1600, and see for yourself...

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