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Re: Picked Livebooks in the end

DidierV wrote:

ddolde wrote:

I had LiveBooks for about a year until I discovered They don't nickel and dime you for changes like LiveBooks does, you do it all yourself.

Plus it has a much better mobile device interface, integrated stock sales (you upload the full rez image then it's downsized for web and sales depending on what level they buy). These guys are really geniuses.

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Doug Dolde

Finally made up my mind, and picked Livebooks.

I am surprised to see you are praising the mobile device interface of Photodeck, this is among others things what drove me away.

Livebooks tablet support with their scaler sites is superb.

3GB website storage space for $9 a month, are they kidding me? 64 pics per portfolio maximum?

I really don't see why anyone would want limitations like that and at the same time pay over $100 a year for it. Again; You'll be much better off just paying someone to create your own website and pay the hosting for it yourself. Much cheaper too.

Oh but wait, you want to seem or look professional, so you need to waste a lot of money because that's sort of 'the thing to do' if you're a 'real pro'.

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