Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Re: Sony, idea for FW update!

DavieK wrote:

I read this thread with interest as I'm writing a review and had not noticed any of this. So, I pick up the camera to learn what I have missed. Answer: absolutely nothing. There is no fake shutter sound at all. The only sound at the start of an exposure is the aperture actuation (a very faint click) followed by complete silence for the exposure period, then a single firm click as the mechanical curtain ends the exposure; after this, there is a pause which for long exposures is extended for dark signal processing, during which the finder is blacked off; finally, a rather louder recocking action charges the shutter blind while uncovering the sensor and restoring live view. For normally shutter speeds, the two clicks necessarily involved occur in successon immediately after the image is captured.

Thank you for this extra information.  I too mentioned that it's just a fairly restrained click at the beginning of the exposure (if one selects a slow speed it's easier to hear it separately from the shutter activity at the end of the exposure); it does seem a little quieter on the A3000 than the NEX 3n, though the actual shutter sound of the A3000 is a bit louder than the 3n.

I'd differ on one point, though: that first click isn't aperture actuation, because it also is heard with no lens attached, and since the E mount has fully electronic communication with the lens (with no mechanical couplers for the aperture) there'll be nothing mechanical going on in the body that controls aperture actuation either.  So it's either a sound file or else part of the cocking mechanism sequence for the second (and only) shutter curtain, as when it occurs nothing is visible moving over the sensor.

I compared it with the NEX F3 also (since it has a shutter mechanism more comparable with these models than the 5R does, as the latter has a faster, sharper sound and cocking action due to its capability of much higher continuous shooting rates).  Interestingly, the F3 (set to electronic first curtain operation to match the only mode available on the A3000 and 3n) is totally silent at the start of the exposure.  No beep, click or whatever it is ... for whatever reason.

Since the A3000/3n mystery sound is pretty quiet and brief (particularly in comparison with the rest of the shutter activity's sound, which is unavoidable) I don't think should be considered too big a problem anyway.  Just an intriguing little mystery.

My A3000 also takes the images instantaneously, just as soon as the first faint click (aperture operation) is heard; everything which interrupts the view and makes noise happens after the image itself has been captured. It appears to restore its very crude live view (I don't like the EVF at all) faster than the NEX-7 or the A77.

Mine doesn't seem to have a particular delay either.  To my surprise, I didn't find the EVF as disappointing as I expected (it does at least seem to have reasonable quality eyepiece optics) whereas I think the LCD could do with at least twice as many dots (and it seems quite old-fashioned in some of its characteristics - I see a sort of fast shimmer from the backlight and the image will "go negative" if you are holding the camera above you due to the slightly restricted viewing angle - though the other three angles aren't affected).

The only setting I have disabled on the camera is that I have BEEP set to OFF, which I always do from the outset with every camera I use. But turning BEEP on doesn't alter the absence of any fake shutter sound because there isn't one.

Me too - I always switch the beep off straight away!

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